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Trauma surgery?

Guest V

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How does one get into trauma ? Especially if someone is interested in trauma surgery.






Edited to get rid of the all-caps in the subject heading. -Ian

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Guest Ian Wong

Moved out of the Med 3/4 forum into the CaRMS forum. Trauma surgery is a fellowship following General Surgery. You can also get into trauma fellowships through Orthopedic Surgery, but I'm virtually certain that your emphasis there is on MSK trauma (ie. busted pelvis's, extremity injuries), and not on fixing up soft tissue/organs, etc.


I wish I could give you more information, but I'm afraid I never looked all that heavily into it.



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Guest UWOMED2005

I've got a couple of buddies who are into that field, and I've tried to set up my surgery electives with trauma in mind (I'm interested in emerg.)


My (relatively incomplete) understanding is that there is no such thing as "A trauma surgeon" but rather a trauma center will have a "trauma team" that is composed of some variation of an emerg doc, an orthopedics doc, a neurosurgeon, and a general surgeon (there maybe others but those are the ones that immediately come to mind.) That has to do with the diverse nature of trauma: you might need an orthopedics guy to repair bone/soft tissue injuries, a neurosurgeon to relieve ICP from subdural hemorrhages, a general surgeon to repair or stop bleeding in abdominal organs, and an ER guy to help triage and deal immediately with ABCs. For all of those specialties, you can do trauma fellowships, I believe.


Make sense?

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Guest Kirsteen

Hi guys,


I'm by no means in the position that you all are, i.e., on the "other" side! :) I do, however, have the opportunity to work with a diverse group of surgeons both here and abroad, and was blethering to an orthopod from one of the big TO hospitals yesterday about a subject akin to the above.


He mentioned that here, in North America, it seems that as surgical subspecialties flourish and grow, broad surgical areas such as general and trauma surgery shrink in scope just a little more. However, in other parts of the world, contrary to what we are experiencing here, it is surgeons within these areas (general and trauma) whose array of skills are very much in demand. This dovetails nicely with the new residencies which may be appearing within the next few years, e.g., the international surgery residency that is to be offered by UofT. It will aim to train surgical generalists who can effectively treat a panoply of injuries and conditions abroad. ...and apparently there is an increasing demand from students for such programs.




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