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just a few more days of waiting! im excited for you all :')

I got my offer email from Queens at 8:56am.  After almost 5 years of applying... the ONE interview I got was this cycle at Queens.  I am beside myself.  There is hope!

I received a "wait list" e-mail from Ottawa, but I'm not sure if it's "bad" wait list or "good" wait list? Or if that is actually a thing?



If it says something along the lines of "based on your position you are unlikely to get an acceptance"= bad waitlist


We will notify you if a position opens up = good waitlist


Something like that...

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Congratulations to those receiving good news today!


To those who don't see the email they would like, it's important to remember that getting to the interview alone is a huge achievement and you definitely have a shot if you try again!


I'm available for any questions about Mac via PM if anyone wants to ask.

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I've turned on airplane mode on my phone to prevent e-mail push-notifications and hope work keeps me super occupied. Too scared to check emails now. Maybe after I am done work. Maybe never.


Okay on second thought I am fleeing the country guys and going to a remote location without internet access. It was nice knowing all of you.

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