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just a few more days of waiting! im excited for you all :')

I got my offer email from Queens at 8:56am.  After almost 5 years of applying... the ONE interview I got was this cycle at Queens.  I am beside myself.  There is hope!

Does anyone know if Ontario schools over-accept? I've seen speculation before, and Calgary has confirmed that they do, but I've never seen anything definitely posted about any of the schools in Ontario...



I'd imagine all the schools over accept to some degree yes. U of T released a video last year on their application process and they said they make around 330 offers total for their 259 spots, and there is very little waitlist movement so I think a significant number of those are initial offers. Plus I think I remember the admissions director mentioning something about it at my interview though I cant be sure...

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Interesting. I'm just curious how that would work when many of these schools also specify the campus, which is binding to the offer. With Calgary its easy since there's only one campus, but I'd imagine it would be tricky to say over-accept to the Hamilton campus for Mac, but all the people who end up accepting the initial offers choose that one.


EDIT: and another question I've never seen answered - when they say they make 330 offers, does this include people who were high up on the waitlist but were removed through OMSAS when they accepted another school's initial offer? If it doesn't, then that bodes quite well for waitlisters, as they would probably make it through a larger chunk of the list...

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For those who were accepted to Ottawa, think about how cold it will be in winters... You probably don't wanna put yourself through that. Might as well accept another school


I will likely be taking myself off the wait list for Ottawa, if that helps at all? But maybe you're ahead of me anyway :)

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Just wondering... Am I the only one that's really worried that their acceptances are mistakes...? I know, I'm probably paranoid, but it's a strange feeling after prepping myself to receive rejections. Anyway, congrats to everyone that got good news today!


People still feel that way one year into med school, so don't worry about it :P

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