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Ugh. Because traditionally feminine colours can't be professional.... I know that's not what you all meant but that's where it comes from.   Lime green and bright orange aren't professional either.

agree 100%, it's a status symbol. I cannot accept anyone's argument that they wear it because it is "high quality"/"spacious" or any other excuse after seeing how excited people were to receive them.

Kind of lousy photos taken with my laptop webcam... and my cats decided to photobomb both of them... but here you go!    

Not like the votes really mean anything. 


I'd have been okay with teal last year, so I think it's a pretty inoffensive colour. I can't see them actually choosing pink or brown, considering the general (but not unanimous) horror over those colours. What was it someone said about the brown one last year... "Welcome to med school, here's your crap coloured backpack." Something along those lines. I don't think brown is likely. 


Also, yeah, the white would look horrible after a couple of weeks. 

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