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Toronto-Share Fabulous Accommodation With A Resident-Short Term Or Long Term.

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TORONTO-Ultra-Luxe Apartment in Downtown Toronto

21 Iceboat Terrace,


ON, Canada


Posted on April 29, 2016


Listing ID #0007179






This beautiful, custom-designed apartment will leave you breathless. The home includes top-of-the-line kitchen appliances, ultra-modern surround sound system everywhere in the home (including the bathrooms), heated flooring, NEST system, LED lighting, mirror-panel walls, and Italian furniture. With views of the water and only steps away from the CN tower, Rogers Arena, and the entertainment district, this luxury apartment will offer you every comfort you would need.

You will be sharing the apartment with another resident physician practicing in downtown Toronto.


This is the perfect stay for you if you are doing an elective, are a resident yourself, or are looking to establish a practice in the heart of Toronto.


You will have your own bedroom and bathroom, as well as access to all building amenities, which are too numerous to list but include: gym, pool, sauna, squash court, and spa.


The apartment is situated between 2-3 km from all major downtown Toronto hospitals. For example, driving time to Toronto General Hospital is 7 minutes, while taking public transportation gets you there in 25-30 minutes.


Rent is $350/week fully furnished.

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