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What Does The Acceptance Letter Look Like?

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Hi everyone,


A bit of a silly topic, I took a look at one of the threads under the general OMSAS page, where people joked about squinting their eyes or covering one eye whilst using the other to gauge whether an admissions email was notifying them of their acceptances or not. It was pretty funny.  :P


Some of them talked about what the subject lines for certain schools were (for ex. for U of T or Western).


Anybody here know what the subject line for the Queens emails look like? For example, what would it say, for acceptances? 


Also, at roughly what time in the day did Queens send out their diff types of emails on May 10??


Thanks for your insight! :D  

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I thought that this year Queen's wasn't going to be doing acceptance letters, but rather just posting it on SOLUS? Given the huge email-interview invite issue that came up.


When did they say this? I thought it was still over email. Although i'm hoping for another SOLUS mix up where the results are available for like 15 minutes the day before (aka today). I vaguely remember hearing somewhere that this has happened the past few years. 

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In the email that was sent by the Admission's staff a month or so ago, the final line of the first paragraph was "To find out the results of your Queen’s application visit our Student On-Line University System (SOLUS)". So I just figured that was the way they'd be doing it. No clue though!

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Oh hi guys thanks for the advice!


Ok, so what is the consensus? That we have to log into OMSAS tomorrow morning to check, and that no emails will be sent out?


Thanks, sorry this is all a bit new to me. :)

it's not on OMSAS it would be on the SOLAR thing they told us how to set up in the emails they sent. But seems like they send emails http://meds.queensu.ca/education/undergraduate/prospective_students/offers_and_deferrals

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Now, would anyone know what the subject of the email would read, it it'd be an acceptance?

Some people on the threads for other schools were talking about it.  


Also, wrt SOLUS, we would have to make a new account? :) Thank you.

Yeah, there's instructions in the last email they sent us with how to get the login ID. I think we needed the student number too from the bursary app. 

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