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Or will med schools not view it on the same scale as other overseas trip because I am originally from India?

I think you are significantly overestimating how most schools view 'humanitarian trips'. Working for 3 months overseas is one thing, taking a trip to volunteer for a few weeks involves spending huge amounts of money on yourself (travel costs) while contributing little to those in the country. 

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I had another question, do ECs have to be medical related? I'm really interested in joining Enactus but mainly business students are involved.


Your ECs don't have to be medicine related. Just do things you enjoy and can feel passionate about. I'd say my biggest chunk of extracurriculars didn't necessarily fit into a "cookie cutter premed" list but revolved around other passions and things that I'm interested in (ie. Design/Marketing, etc.). 


Your ECs are whatever you want them to be. They don't "have" to be anything. Just be sure you're doing these things for you and not trying to force yourself into this predetermined idea of what premed should be otherwise your premed years aren't going to be very enjoyable.

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