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Hi there! For those familiar with the city - I'm looking at the map in order to learn more about this place :P.


What's West Campus like? Why is it separated from the main campus?


Would it be terribly boring... or noisy... or inconvenient... to live near west campus (as opposed to further east, such as where the main campus is)? Just some random questions! Thanks! 

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Hi! I'm not currently a med student at Queen's but I can speak to West Campus! It's basically a 10-15 minute walk West of main campus, but I would add on another 8 minutes if you're walking to the New Med building.

I've never lived on West Campus, but I know people who have lived in residence there and a few people who live even farther. It's a bit of a hassle to walk back and forth during the day (ie. a lot of people I know would just come down to main campus for the day and then go back home at night. That can be a bit of a pain if you forget something at home though!)

I can't really give you a reason for why it's necessarily separated from main campus, but I don't *think* that you would have any classes on West. A lot of the classes down there are typically for Con-Ed students or classes with really large numbers because there is a theatre there. (Think first year biology/phys/chem/etc.)

If you drove I don't think it would be as big a deal, but if you're walking I would personally suggest looking for somewhere closer to main campus. 

Most areas of the University District honestly aren't too noisy. The noisiest areas or the biggest "party" zones would be the area just North of main campus in the area between Albert, Brock, and Division. Outside of that everywhere is fairly chill save for Homecoming and St. Patty's day in which case there are students EVERYWHERE in the streets. But the farther from the above area you are, the quieter it will be.

A lot of students don't like to live NOP (North of Princess), but it's really up to you. The farther North you go, the more you'll find your neighbours to be Kingston residents and not students. However some areas NOP can become dark and sketchy at night. 

I'm currently actually moving out of a place about a 10 minute walk to New Med, around the corner from downtown (and Timmies!!)... It's a bachelor and it's in great shape. PM if you're interested!


(Also PM if you have any general questions about the area around Queen's!)

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