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Just get a Surface Pro.

Chances are, they'll give you PDF/powerpoint notes where you have to annotate/draw on.

Besides, the Surface uses Windows operating system so there will be less compatibility issues with software compared to Mac.


It has more functions/better drawing/larger size/more compatibility with programs than the iPad. And it's more practical than the Macbook because the Surface is more like a tablet (with laptop capabilities).

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Im just going to weigh in on the pros for using a tablet during lectures (I used an iPad a lot in my undergrad). For anyone who hasn't used them for note taking, they're great. Get a bluetooth keyboard and an app like Notes Plus. You can upload PDFs, type, draw, make vector shapes, record audio so that it links to certain moments in your note taking process for easy cross references of concepts, take photos with the device and insert them into your notes etc... and obviously portable. Throw your PDFs for your text books in there and you're good to go for months. After starting to use my iPad, I basically abandoned paper and my laptop for work being done on campus. 


This is of course if a laptop isn't absolutely essential for some reason. 

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So, it seems like getting an iPad/Surface is a decent investment, right?


 Im not sure how it'll keep up in dentistry, but in my previous degree it was amazing. Im not even exaggerating when I say it revolutionized school for me. I was't lugging around books and paper and everything I needed was on the iPad. I would suggest NOT getting an iPad mini as they're a little small screen-wise and also the bluetooth keyboards are very crammed. I have an iPad air and its amazing. I wish I got a larger drive on it though because it can fill up in a couple months of just taking notes and having lectures/texts on it. I got 16BG, but would recommend larger. 

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