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USDO schools are your only shot, even then looking like a long shot. 

Apply ASAP, and get all of your LORs in order, and get working on your primary application.

Otherwise do a second degree and retake the MCAT.

Do not bother applying to USMD schools, your MCAT scores are solid, but not that great that to offset a 3.1.

BUT do you ahve a strong upward trend? That could help, i.e. if you had 2.0, 2.0, 4.0, 4.0

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USDO it bro, 


the Canadian DO applicants keeps rising, and the "easy window is closing" (its looking at 250-300 apps for 50-60 spots) most candidats are now getting exposure to DO (ref letters, clubs, COMSA etc)- and the DO schools are trying to make an effort to take these kids. They dont want MD rejects in their schools(to a point). They also want life experience over GPA. 


The Gpa is on the low side, but still doable if you use the AACOMAS grade replacement of the worst classes you had- that should get you noticed and experience/DO volunteer will get you in the door. Goodluck

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