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Possibility Of High Gpa But Low Aq Score

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I saw on the UBC admissions website that there is a possibility of having a high GPA but still getting a low AQ score. How is this possible other than having an extremely low MCAT score?


Quote from the UBC admissions website:


"Just a warning: your AQ score might be really low, like 5 or out of 50, even if you have a good GPA. As long as your OGPA or AGPA is right, your AQ score is also right."

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Course loads are not taken into account to determine AQ score. It is only OGPA or AGPA, as applicable, that determines AQ score. So yes, one applicant with 4 courses/semester and a 90 would have a higher AQ than one with an 85, taking 5 and 5.

The formula to calculate AQ is based on either AGPA or OGPA, and changes year to year to reflect the competitiveness of the applicant pool. You should be able to find the formula for last year on the forum somewhere, or simply derive it yourself from the UBC stats (system of y=mx+b calculations). The formula seems to have high fidelity as very few folks here report having significant AQ deviations from it.

I doubt course load is considered pre-interview as part of NAQ score, seems like a lot of work for every application submitted. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if it's incorporated in some fashion to the post-interview holistic file review. Although somewhat related, there was a blog post from a few years ago on how the selections committee looks for >50% of courses being "GPA boosters"... http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2016/01/29/prerequisite-changes-gpa-concerns/

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