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Tradition In-Class Degree, With Online Courses As Well.

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Hi there,


I'll be starting my 2nd UG in the fall and am currently registering for courses.

Looking for some guidance.  How do MD programs view individual online courses taken within a conventional in-class degree program (Ontario med schools in particular)?


For example, 2nd UG at Western, but with a few online courses included in the course load?

I know Ottawa has an FAQ on their website which states they do not accept distance ed degrees.  What about individual courses?

Are online courses even specified as being online on a university transcript?



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I e-mailed uOttawa a few weeks ago asking about recorded lectures, and received this in response:


Candidates are permitted to take online prerequisite courses however the laboratories must be taken on-site. These courses will count for the credit value towards the prerequisites but will not count towards the WGPA.



You should contact the Admissions Office for any school you are interested in.

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I had the same question since I took a semester doing online courses to live in the UK for 6 months. I emailed essentially all of the Canadian med schools (aside from the French only ones) and all said that they accept online courses as long as they are from an accredited school. Ottawa was the only school to specify that, while online courses are fine, labs must be done on campus. I would just take caution and complete labs on campus anyways, but other than that... Yes. Online courses are fine.

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