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Dear friends,


I used to be a fellow Med hopeful like most of you, and I finally got accepted to three schools (UBC, Dartmouth and Wayne), and have accepted the offer at my dream school, UBC. I know what you guys are going through (trust me...), and I know how important it is to have an outstanding PS in your AMCAS application. I also know how expensive it is to have someone look at and review your Personal Statement. I certainly enjoyed the support of Premed101 community while I was applying last summer, and now it's my turn to give back to the community. So for a limited time (until June 21st, when I will go on vacation for a month or so), I will start accepting PS, and I will critique them for you for FREE. I am hoping to critique as many personal statements as possible, but please give me 3-4 business days so that I can critique to the best of my ability.


Some basic rules:

- Due to time constraints, I can only review max of 2 drafts per person.

- Please message it to me on Premed101 or email it to AMCAStutor@gmail.com. If you are planning to email it, please use Microsoft Word so that I can use the track changes option. I will then email/message you back the revised draft.


NOTE: I am not trying to promote a business here. This service is completely voluntary and free of charge, and I am just trying to return the favor and help you to maximize your chances of getting in.


Also, for confidentiality reasons, please remove all personal identification information in your document.



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Hi everyone,


I just wanted to thank all of those who sent their personal statements to me for review. It was definitely a great pleasure reading about your stories and interests, and I hope my comments were of some help. This is the LAST call to anyone that wants to send their personal statements for review as I am going to go on vacation in a few days. Please send them by Sunday.


Best of luck to everyone in the current cycle.  :)

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