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Ib Courses Omitted -- Fixable?

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Hi guys,

How lenient is AMCAS with calling in afterwards to add a few more courses?

What happened was I was going off of my official transcripts as requested by AMCAS, but forgot to take into account some transfer credit from the IB program as my official transcripts don't list individual courses but list them as bulk. IB credits aren't too important, but they are in my case as I didn't take any more humanities (other than English) after IB and some schools require these courses as prereqs. While I do have borderline humanities courses (determinants of health, [mycurrenthealthprofession] and society), it would be way more explicit to list my French, Geography, and philosophy credits I got from IB.


If AMCAS won't help me out, how lenient are the individual schools if I email them?



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I don't think AMACS (primary application) can help you.

Your best solution is email or upload your IB transcripts to each USMD by secondary application and explain everything to them your situation and hope for the best.


For me, I took extra credits on humanities and social science courses at my last year.

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