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Hi everyone, 


I am coming to McMaster from Vancouver, BC. I am in the OT program and I have been looking at places to live. I found a great place and here is the link: https://macoffcampus.mcmaster.ca/classifieds/32-broadway-ave-4/

The listing ID is 99474 on the offcampus housing website. The landlord is looking for a group of 3 so if any of you guys that are interested, please email me! I am a female so I will possibly like females to respond.

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that rules me out  :D ...gotta keep lookin...

Hey, I was thinking that it really does not matter who my roommates are. :) Many housing ads specify that they would like either all females or males. That is why I put that as part of my post. But if I find a place suitable for co-ed, I will let you know:)

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I am also moving from Vancouver! I will be looking for a place with my girlfriend so I won't be looking for another roommate. Just cool to know there's someone else from my town! There is someone else from Abbotsford and another from Victoria, too. West Coast represent!


Join the facebook group page if you haven't yet! "McMaster OT Class of 2018"



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Hi everyone!


I'm starting the PT program at Mac this fall and I am also looking a roommate. I'm only looking for one female roommate who is willing to pay between $500-700 for rent each month. I don't have an apartment picked out yet but would like to find a roommate first to begin the search! Anybody interested in seeing if we would be compatible roommates? :)

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