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Hello Everyone!


I'm applying to Mcgill for 2017-2018. Since the application is not open yet, I can't download the workbook and the transcripts files from the website. I was wondering if someone has saved them and if they could send me the ones of previous years by e-mail . 


(Now that I have some free time, I want to start getting familiar with the process and be prepared in advance.)


Thank you very much.

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The workbook can change year to year, as well as the format of the cvpn. so while I understand wanting to get familiar with them, you're not nessessary saving time by working on them in advance. The workbook is easy (just slightly time consuming, with entering ALL your grades and info).


If you want to prep, just be thinking about the traditional medical applicant Qs ("why do you want to be a doctor? How have you prepared for a life in medicine, or what experiences have prepared you for a life in medicine, or what skills do you bring to the field?"), As these answers would all be super helpful for your cvpn.


Hope this helps! :)

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Hello RedLily, 


  I agree with you and I already started thinking and meditating on those questions.

However, during the application process, I will be a little bit busy and it wouldn't hurt to get ready in advance and just do a copy past on the new file ( as you said, it is time consuming).  


I truly thank you for your advice as the traditional medical applicant questions will be my main focus.   :)


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No need to prep for the workbook it's very easy and doesn't take much time. I agree with redlilly, I suspect that the CVPN will change. What you can do is reformat your CV, you have to describe your CV entries but using careful word choice. Last year I spent the summer working on my CV getting feedback and once the essay questions came out I worked on those. Do some reflection this summer about why you want to be a doctor, was there a specific incident that you went through that changed your perspective on health care etc... Good luck!

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