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Hello everyone , 
I've been monitoring the forums and no one has posted about them. Their website doesn't give you enough information or stats from previous years. I wanted to know what's a competitive gpa for them ? So far I have cGPA 3.73 and sGPA 3.84 and still I have one more semester to go before applying. What do they look for in your application ? do you need PT experience ? etc...
Your help is appreciated. 
Merci en avance.

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So from my understanding, OttawaU looks at your GPA when inviting people for interviews.  With your GPA, you are basically guaranteed an interview.  

I am not sure at what point in the process they look at your resume, but you do have to give it to them in your orpas application.  So it's a good idea to have at least some experience related to PT.  


I was accepted this year with an sGPA of ~3.6.  When choosing who to accept, 70% is based on how well you did in the interview and 30% is based on your sGPA. (so in other words, you have to do well during the interview process.) In terms of experience, I had 100 hours volunteer in a phyiso clinic, 300 hours working with children with special needs and 200 hours in a retirement community center. 


The other thing I was told is that it is harder for out of province students to be accepted.  I can't remember the exact stats, but I think 70% have to be from Ontario.  


Basically, you're in a really good spot right now if your oral French/English is good and you live in Ontario.  It's worth it to have some PT experience, but uOttawa isn't as picky as schools like Queens in terms of experience.


Hopefully this helps :)  If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask on here, or PM me 

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I don't know what Ottawa looks for in particular, but I can tell you what I know from my experiences with them. I know in past years they have interviewed students with subGPAs ~3.6 and higher, but I don't know how much they look into your CV. From my understanding interviews are offered based on your grades and your experiences, but I don't know how they're weighted. It could be that students are disqualified based on their CV, but I'm not sure.


Ottawa is strict with their prerequisites - at least they were for me. I was emailing back and forth with admissions several times, as they didn't accept CEGEP courses as prerequisites and were very particular with my university ones.


If you look at the ORPAS document there's more information regarding Ottawa admissions, but as you said they don't release statistics. For PT the school is strict in terms of % of places offered to certain regions - it's something like 70% Ontarians, 18% OOP students that aren't part of this thing called CNFS, and the remaining for CNFS. For OT it's the same percentages, but they only have one waitlist, whereas for PT there are three waitlists based on the three applicant categories.


Note that for the interview they grade your language skills as well - a francophone weaker in English scores higher than an anglophone weaker in French.

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