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I know no one really knows how the NAQ score is calculated, but I was just wondering if anyone has any advice for me. To see if its even worth applying.


Seeing in past years for OOP, a TFR score of 61-63+ was required, idk if it is worth it.


AGPA: 88% 



- Don for 2 years

- Student academic advisor (1 year)

- volunteering in research lab (3 years, no pubs)

- Summer research position (clinical)

- Another summer research position (more public health)

- Ultimate frisbee team

- Intramural sports (volleyball, basketball)

- O-Week representative

- Crisis line volunteer

- Athlete & Scholar award



- co-president of youth council for NGO

- co-president of council in school

- various sports teams

- graduation subject award



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Below average?? What is the average for OOP :o


If you look at the interim stats for the incoming class of 2020:




   For OOP pre-req average was 90.23%, but with only English pre-reqs now at UBC, this won't really mean anything for future applicants.


     For OOP the overall or adjusted GPA was 91.59%. For IP it was 87.43%.


      Having said that, you don't know if you'll get in unless you apply, so for go it!! Don't let the stats intimidate you.

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Damn.. Haha thats high. If im at a 90 percent average (but not 91.5), do you think i still have a good shot?

You just never know until you apply, it's just the average. There are people above and below the 91.5% mark. For the interview, NAQ accounts for 50% of the TFR score and if that's strong and your GPA is roughly at 90%, I still think you have a chance in getting an interview invite. The cut off for the interview changes every year and it depends on the competitiveness of the applicant pool, and this is something we have no control over. Don't worry, just apply!

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