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Hello everyone! 


Although applications have long been completed, I hope some of you are still active on this board :) I was just wondering if anyone here went on a study exchange (preferably in the UK) and would be able to share their experiences with the grade conversions either with ORPAS or with other universities outside on Ontario? The UK grade scale is very different from Canada, it's proving to be a bit of a headache! :P


Thanks in advance!

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My friends who went on exchange had their courses as pass/fail, so they weren't included in their GPA calculations for grad school. You received/will be receiving letter or number grades? If so, did you check out the conversion document that ORPAS has? I don't know anything about the UK grading system, so my apologies if this isn't helpful at all and it doesn't fit into that table.

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Hello, thanks for the response! I contacted a couple of schools in Ontario for OT and they told me they take study abroad grades into account...but didn't have any information about the actual conversion and grade equivalencies. I received number grades from the exchange university and will be pass/fail at my home uni, but since the UK system is different I hope it's not a straight conversion into my ORPAS GPA! :o


I'll see if ORPAS has any other info on their site, thank you for your help! :)

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