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Will Western Will Be Looking At Psych/soc Section Of Mcat For 2016/17 Cycle?

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They will not be including Psych/Soc for the 2016/2017 cycle, but will be including it for the 2017/2018 cycle. Their intention is to exclude it until they no longer look at the "old MCAT", which will no longer be accepted as of the 2017/2018 cycle. (https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/medicine/undergraduate/future_students/admission/gpa__mcat_minimums.html)


you are probably right :) I am not sure they specifically stated they will not be using the psych/soc section although I agree with you it is somewhat implied (unless I am missing something).


I must be slipping - ha - I had some software that notified me when they updated that site. I think it stopped running, and I didn't notice.

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I don't think anyone - including actually the admins at Western even know that yet. I suspect they will in time, and quite possibly this year. They still have ongoing issues of integrating the new and old versions of the test and finding some measure of equality between the two.



The ultimate percentile reference - from http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/efles-mcat-2015-to-old-mcat-percentile-comparison-conversion-tables.1143689/

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oops haha, I forgot to mention that the reason they haven't used psych/soc in the 2015/2016 cycle (and won't be in the 2016/2017) cycle is because admissions said that they can't include the psych/soc score because the old MCAT doesn't have it and they didn't consider that to be fair to applicants. But now that the old MCAT is no longer accepted (for 2017/2018 cycle), I'm assuming they will somehow integrate psych/soc as a cut-off. :)


I had been told this by the admissions office in 2015, and again recently in 2016, so I'm doubtful they'll change it, but then again... ha :P


I agree - that extra section just make it that more complex to compare things. They added the usual point that they decide officially all things MCAT related in the Fall once they have their applicant pool - but that is likely just the usual escape clause thinking, ha, that every school like to keep - never wanting to be trapped with their won policies.

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