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No. I have bern accepted. Then I failrd my first year, which I did one more time and I failed a class so they rejected me. The policies are extremely stricts at that university.


They will know I've been to dental school because it will be written on the transcript that I studied dentistry.......you mean it will not be written that I got rejected? So I could still tell them I eant to work in France (which is true) so It's better for me to study in Europe (without saying I've been fired out) ? But they might know if they call the faculty.....

You were kicked out, not "Rejected".  I think the language you're using is what is confusing people in your posts, but not a worry, just wanted to clear the confusion.


Again, if you have failed first year twice, I would focus on figuring out why that was the case, and focus on getting to a better place in your life first BEFORE going elsewhere.



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To be honest I don't know the exact criteria European schools look for, but I think it is a disadvantage to have been kicked out of school when applying anywhere. I agree with Commons it would be beneficial to focus on the reasons for not doing well your first year and addressing them and then focus on your future career. 

All the best

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Hi Samba,


If you haven't been kicked out yet, there are still things that you can do. It's much better to stay in Canada and finish dental school here, rather than paying a much larger tuition fee in Ireland, and then hoping to transfer to France. Have you looked into transferring your Irish qualifications over to France to be able to work? My guess is there is quite a process involved in that alone, and you'll end up losing time while living with an extreme amount of debt.


Go to your school (in Canada) and talk to them about the struggles you're having. You really need to reflect on why it is that you are doing poorly (is there a language barrier? Do you have a weak worth ethic? Are you overcommitting to extracurricular activities that are taking away from your academic success? etc) and once you have identified the issue(s), then come up with a plan to improve yourself. You can explain your shortcomings to the school and your plan to improve, they will likely be more understanding if they know you have a plan of action in place.


As to your original question, Irish schools will require transcripts from every school you've attended, including your current dentistry school. If you feel you are at risk of failing out at the moment, they will see those low marks anyways. I don't know if it will make any difference to them if you are "at risk of failing out" or if you have already "failed out" of the school. But a better question is this: what makes you think you will succeed in Ireland, when you aren't succeeding in Canada? The issue isn't the country of study, the issue is with you, and you need to recognize and address those issues to improve yourself.


Best of luck with your decision. I hope things work out for you.

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