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How Much Weighting Is Given To Gpa, Mcat And Extracurriculars At U Of A?

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They are very explicit in saying on their website that the MCAT is a screen only. We don't know any more than that. 


I don't mean to be insensitive, but there's really nothing productive that would come out of knowing. Do your best on the essays, select the references you think are best. There's nothing more any of us can do. 


And trust me, you'll be anxious and worrying enough once the winter comes around, so try and ease you mind now while you can. I fretted about that the pre-interview score constantly, because UofT was my 'dream school', and I was pretty sure I didn't have the GPA to ever have a shot. Just focus on what you can control (your application itself) and hope for the best!

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