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Hey all,


So here is the situation, I entering into the 3rd year of my undergrad degree, my UofT cGPA is 3.69 - Omsas- not eligible for weighting this year.

Some of my non academics include:

- 10 000 greenest school award for my high school as president of the Environment Council

- TA for online course in intro psych with 10k plus students of all ages

- Psych Award

- Research Scholarship for $1500

- Campus First Responder, President and Founder of a council, senior exec on greater than 5 councils

- Editor in chief of campus science magazine

- Overseas volunteering

- Public relations volunteer and research student for two Non Profit Organizations run by doctors in the global health field

- Currently editing a manuscript for publication on the Effects of Volunteer Medical Trips Abroad

- Numerous research experiences as well as lab management 

- Tutor, Exam Invigilator

- Volunteer experiences with MSF, CBCF and MS Society totalling 6 years (2 years each)

- High School Youth Volunteer Organization founder - upwards of 30 students placed in various retirement homes 

and other typical university extracurricular involvement


Next year I am eligible for WGPA that will increase my grade point to around 3.88-3.91

Right now I'm trying to decide if my non academics and maybe my personal essays can make up for my lower GPA this year or is it not worth applying??




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