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Can I Use The Canadian Dat As My Retake?

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Hi, I posted this on SDN forum but thought I may get more accurate answers here


I'm a canadian student looking to apply to the states, and I wrote the US dat in april but didn't score as well as I wanted (18AA). I want to re write the dat but write the canadian version due to the cost and timing. Would schools that normally accept the canadian version take mine which was used as a retake, or is it once a canadian writes the US version they must rewrite the same version of the exam?




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I'm sorry to hear about your situation, but I'm glad to see you're not giving up! :) I think it's best to call the admissions office at each school you wish to apply and directly ask them your question. Don't be afraid to tell them your situation, it will not make you look bad and I find they are genuinely really nice and give good advice. From my memories (and this could be wrong/changed now), I think some schools I applied to will only take the cDAT if I did not write the aDAT. Regarding laurak's comment, I believe that only applies to Canadian dental schools that accept both tests.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks everyone for the replies!


There may be a slight confusion. I understand that the canadian friendly schools in the states allow you to use Cdat scores, but my main concern is having already written the USdat, schools wont be turned off from replacing my scores with the Cdat (considering it doesn't cover Orgo and QR) assuming I score better on the Cdat? 


I'll probably call some of the big canadian friendly schools on Monday and ask.

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