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Concerned Fellow Canadian Applying For His Last Chance Into Medical Fields

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I am a canadian student from the french province

i did my health sciens in CEGEP schools and then

i started university and i have a 3.61/4.3 GPA from my bachelor in Kinesiology 3 years bach.

i did 2 extra years doing minor in psychology and a minor in arts in science i have a 4.15/4.3 gpa from 33 credits


i tried every school in Quebec and nothing is working out

this is my last year trying to apply mostly for podiatry, dental school and optometry


what do you guys advice to do if i wanna apply to USA ? where do i have the better chances? no i do not have a recent DAT, nor an OAT nor an MCAT

i mean i don;t even know which one i should do because i don;t know which school will accept me!!!!


what about carribeans school ? or the commonwealth countries


HELP PLEASE! i am truly lost and this is my last attempt


Thank you 


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Yes the money is an issue, if i have a chance to be accepted (to which i have no idea if i'm competitive enough) but i thought the bank will help me cover the expenses.

and thanks for the heads up , the exchange rate is rough!


i just want to know if i can be acepted in other countries too where i can be accredited so i can work in canada !

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As someone who worked part time at a bank, banks tend to give out loans that cover tuition and expenses for Canadian medical students. As for students studying in other countries, you will typically get much less (probably at a different interest rate) and likely require a cosigner. For US schools you do get more than Commonwealth or Caribbean school, but still not as much as Canadian students get

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If you are looking to apply to med school in the US, its relatively late in the cycle to get started on that app b/c they use rolling admissions i.e. later you apply, the lower your chance of acceptance.

If this is your last time applying you could say screw it, I'll just apply anyways, but practically speaking, starting to put your MD applications together for US schools at this point in the application cycle is not worth the money.

Good luck!

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Canadian bank student lines of credits are maxing out at $275K at the moment. You will not be able to attend a US institution without a cosigner. Most are much too expensive to attend unless you have savings, or rich family, or a scholarship. Hopefully all 3. 


If you are considering medicine, you need to have written the MCAT and scored well. Since you haven't even done that, nobody can give you advice on your chances. Your GPA is somewhere between low to OK. It certainly will be an uphill battle.

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You wont cover all 4 years tution at us schools. Most schools tuition are around 50-60k. With living expensives you are looking at 75k. 75X4=300k USD=420 CAD. So unless you have 150 k lying around I would advise against this. And dont forget, when residency interview comes around that will be another 5-15k down the hole

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why is this your "LAST CHANCE",  sounds very alarmist....

there is always more time to bolster your application and apply again if a healthcare career is truly what you want to pursue?

many Canadian applicants get in on their 3rd attempt and beyond...

study for + take the MCATs and take it from there

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Hey guys thank you for you early and fast replies.


my last three years have been really good in school , there was only one semester where i got 2.9 GPA because of political situation that happened in school.

other than that i have been doing good specially after taking different kind of classes. the thing is trying to increase my cumulative is very hard now i'm dragging 120 credits behind me. i tried for 5 years to get accepted in the Quebec system and it isn't working. Every year the admissions become more difficult.


Obviously i have to rethink my strategies for the US  schools it's terrible how pricey that is. i haven't done the MCAT because i wantted to see if i have a chance and also i have to see how to prepare for it! my science class are behind me alright !


I'm leaning more towards Australia and New Zealand now but i don;t know about the accreditation later on.

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