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Now that your acceptance is confirmed and the rush to get prepared for med school has set in, I would like to introduce you to the association that will be with you throughout your entire career in Ontario, starting with the first day of medical school - the Ontario Medical Association.


The OMA represents your profession to the government and the public on important topics such as legislation, regulations and education, but thee are also MANY membership benefits, some specifically for you.  Check out just some of the advantages over 40,000 members access and signup early to get a head start on orientation week:


  • Financial assistance through a range of programs and bursaries
  • Signup for $100,000 of complimentary life insurance and get discounted disability, home, auto and tenant insurance with OMA Insurance www.omainsurance.com/Pages/Student-Centre.aspx
  • Discounts and preferred rates on travel, communication, health and fitness, moving services and much more.
  • Receive OMA's Ontario medical student-written magazine, Scrub-In
  • Leadership training and conference funding
  • Invites to OMA sponsored events
  • Partnerships with OMSA - the Medical Student section of the OMA, PARO, CMA etc.
  • Receive information and continuous updates on all efforts done by the OMA and opportunities to get involved in the medical politics of the province.

We will be on campus during your orientation week but to avoid the lines, signup for membership and the special insurance offers online now at www.oma.org


If, in the meantime, you would like more information or have any questions, please contact the OMA by email at info@oma.org.


See you soon!

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