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Hi guys,

I am very new to the process (new to the research stage lol) and just wanted to throw some feelers out to see if I could potentially be a competitive applicant GPA wise. 
I have a few more pre req's to get before applying.
I'm thinking about applying to Dalhousie's Dental program for the Fall 2017 class. 
I am a Dalhousie student with a cGPA is a 3.69/4.3. Just finished my third year.
I had a rough first and second year, so that is why my GPA is so low clear.png
First Year --> Fall: 3.42 Winter:3.54
Second Year --> Fall: 3.67 Winter:3.34
Third Year --> Fall: 4.08 Winter: 4.22
Does Dal look at students having a full course load?


I am thinking my GPA is too low to even be considered for an interview :(


I have not wrote the DAT. What is a competitive score?
Also I have no dentistry relevant shadowing experience. How many hours are a competitive amount? Or do they even focus on shadowing? 

What do you suggest my next steps be?

Also for some reason I can not find a thread about the entering Dalhousie class of 2016? Could someone post the link for me. 

Any information would be helpful! Thank you for your time!!

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-- From their site: http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/professional/dentistry/how_do_I_apply/dds_non_academic_requirements.html

"Your best scores on the Reading Comprehension, Science Total and Perceptual Ability components of repeated DATs are considered, using scores that are no more than two years old. Most successful applicants have scores of at least 15 on each component, and an average of all best scores of 21 or better."

-- Also quote from this thread: http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/84318-i-know-shadowingletters-of-reference-is-important-in-the-us-but-what-about-canada/?hl=dalhousie#entry937807

"Dalhousie asks for 3 LORs but only requirement is that one is a professor that has taught you.  No requirement for shadowing."













5 minute search answered most of your questions ^_^ -- the last little bits are a short phone call away to Dal's admissions office


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