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Hey everyone,


can anyone please share their any information about the global health undergrad program at York U ? My aim is to get into medical school and the courses seem really interesting in this program but I feel that it will have a lot of essays and I dont think I can get a 3.6+ gpa in that program. Will a biology program be a better choice ? 


Thank you in advance for your time and guidance in this matter :)


Cheers !

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I was in the similar boat as you and decided to do a kine degree. It is pretty relevant to a career in medicine and offers many subjects about chronic diseases, health, nutrition, cardiovascular courses ,mitochondria courses, etc. Most courses are test and exam based if that is your strong point and the difficulty of courses is very much doable to get straight A's. I wish you the best.

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Global health upper year courses are a lot of essay based work/examinations etc.  As was mentioned by Siefer, Kine offers a lot of MC and SA exams and there is typical a strong GPA in most of their classes.  


Above all, there are a few important things to identify when choosing your undergrad.  


What do you like?  If you choose a degree based sheerly on what's the easiest and you have no interest in the subject, it will be much more difficult and procrastination will be more likely.


Can you find work with the undergraduate or graduate degree within this field if medicine doesn't work out or you shift interests?


Combine these with a program that gives you the ability to get a strong GPA, as it seems to be a particularly important part of the applications in Ontario.


I am sure there are a few programs at York that may fit your criteria, so I urge you to research them as much as possible.  Go on the yorku tumblr and read reviews of some of the prospective courses within that degree.  Pay particular attention to the upper-level credit courses.  Like any other university, take a quick glance at the professors in your department and their corresponding reviews on "ratemyproffesor.com",  a poor professor can ruin a semester or year.


I chose psychology personally, as I have an interest in it, it provides the potential for a strong GPA and if I don't get into medical school, pursuing graduate studies in it is appealing to me.


Enjoy your studies at York!

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