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How Do Schools Look At Doing A Year Of Mostly Online Courses?

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Need some insight from people who have applied before about whether there is a rule for the maximum number of online courses that can be taken per academic year/total degree. I am doing an extra 5th year of courses and just happened that the courses I was interested in were mostly offered online. I'm from UBC and will be doing 18/30 credits online. 


Thanks in advance!

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It depends on the school. Most will accept courses taken online and factor them into your GPA calculation, but Ottawa doesn't. They require you to take a minimum of 4 classes per semester, but they don't count online courses. So if you don't have that, the whole year will not be counted. They also don't factor them into your GPA. I believe most other schools are fine with them, but definitely check each school's website to make sure!

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