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Oop With No Maritime Connections

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I was wondering if any former OOP with no maritime connections  managed to get an interview. If so, how did you go about answering the 250 word essay on our maritime connections; did you focus more on Halifax and practicing rural medicine, or more "Why Dal" and reasons you liked their program and school. With decent numbers, I feel this part of the application can really hurt my app if I do not approach it in the right way. 


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I feel like there is no certain way of answering this question. Put a lot of time and thought into how you can show a connection tying you to the Maritimes. I feel like this is more important than saying "Why Dal", although elaborating on why the school itself is appealing to you may be important, I would focus more on how you are connected to the Maritimes.

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I personally didn't have a strong connection to the Maritimes and was genuine in my essay about it. I focused on what aspects of the Maritimes I found appealing during my visit to Halifax (my connection) and what it would mean for me to practice in this city. I talked about "why Dal" as well in the second half of my essay but the word limit was 500 during my cycle. Best piece of advice I can give is be genuine and read your essay as if you were in the shoes of the admission committee - would you give yourself an interview based on what you wrote?

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