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Hey, anyone here applying for QuARMS this coming year? We can use this thread to connect and get to know fellow QuARMS applicants. Here's some info that could be useful


Grade (Probably 12, but you never know)

High School Cumulative GPA (percent)



Research Experience/other med related activities you've pursued (yes, it's technically EC, but this classification is more medicine related which is much more important)

What you think distinguishes yourself from the rest of the candidates


And just curious, do you know QuARMS students or have a bit more info about the program not mentioned on the website?


My info:

Grade: 12

High School Cumulative GPA (percent): ≈ 95%

Province: Ontario

ECs: Volunteering (day camp for kids for 2 yrs, monthly marathons/large community events, Canadian Cancer society), a lot of in school work with Free the Children, leading science club in school, coaching/mentoring students through ecs + academics


Research Experience/other med related activities: Research for nearly a year now, volunteering at a hospital for 2 yrs


What you think distinguishes yourself from the rest of the candidates

MAYBE this

1) Exploration of a larger variety of fields to show that I've considered medicine thoroughly

2) My goal is to craft my essay + personal statement really well so that aspect of myself (eloquence, self expression) is well represented and interesting, with an unlike perspective


Honestly though, there are huge expectations for a student in this program, that while I am painfully aware that I will 99% not get in, I want to at least give myself the best chance in that 1%

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Grade: 12
High School Cumulative GPA (percent): High 80's-Mid 90 Idk havent checked it out
Province: Ontario
ECs: Food Bank, Biology Club prez, science council, handful of science competition awards, bunch of church stuff, some mentorship at church stuff (kids). god i love kids. And um a bunch of other stuff i dont want to mention right now.
Research Experience/other med related activities: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Assistant helping screen for cervical cancer. medical translator, research at pediatric institute -2 pending publications (1 being a major project, possibly impacting medical policy)


What you think distinguishes yourself from the rest of the candidates: 
Absolutely nothing...maybe my reference? Director of a hospital downtown 

Lol God bless you all. I can only imagine how much were shiting ourselves rn. 

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who the f** even knows what quarms is when they're in high school?


put together the best application you can and don't give a crap whether you get in or not. if you're on a premed forum stressing about quarms in high school, you'll probably get in during undergrad unless you elect to pursue other options.

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