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Canmeds References In Non-Academic Descriptions

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Can anyone weigh in on the value (or possible disadvantage) to referencing CanMED qualities in the descriptions for non-academic and employment activities? 


The Help Guide explicitly mentions this in the Non-Academic section: 


"We are interested in learning more about you through your non-academic qualities and experiences. This means that we would like to know what you have been doing, what you are passionate about, and how you spend your time. We do not want to know how you are like a doctor, and encourage you not to think about your application in such a limited way. Please include experiences that will tell us something about you, even if they are not your greatest achievements or accomplishments. However, also be aware of how committed you were to that activity....Giving us a clear, specific description of the context, duties, and people involved in the activity will help us evaluate this section more accurately than a summary of what you learned from the activity."


This sounds like I do not have to spell out why a certain activity made me an effective communicator if I simply say that I had to foster trusting relationships in said role--if I practice forming relationships with people then I probably had to work on communication as well. Or do you guys think that you have to be very explicit?? There are only so many times I want to use the word 'communicate' and 'communicator' before I feel like reviewers will lose their eyes in their heads from rolling too hard....


Or am I totally off base and it is best to lead them straight to what they want to see??


Thank you all in advance for your thoughts!

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That instruction seems pretty clear. Consider - which is a richer description and more convincing?


In this role, I fostered trusting relationships...


This role made me an effective communicator 


Show, don't tell. 


(Not only is the latter not very informative, it actually seems to contradict what you are trying to say :P  )

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