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Awards Recieved After June 1St But Applied For Before June 1St

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Hi guys,

I recently received a pretty prestigious national scholarship and was super sad to hear I could not put in on my application. I applied in May and was awarded it in July (it was based off criteria prior to the June cutoff). Anyone else on the same boat (maybe with TREK for instance?) and listing the award under the date you applied for it? The application guide explicitly states that research and non-academics have a June 1st cutoff but under awards it does not say anything (the system still won't let you enter awards after June 1st however).


Some of my friends said they are just entering the awards anyways but this seems like a real grey area to blindly enter in, I'm leaning to the award being inadmissible but it just sucks to realize that its likely the case that many wouldn't strictly obey such a criteria and as a result my application is progressively getting less competitive :(

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Pretty sure since it is awarded in July that it is not applicable for this cycle. :/ sorry to hear that

I too have some activities that would really love to include for this cycle but I started them after June 1st. I think of it this way: If I don't get in this cycle, I'll have at least 1 thing significant to add for next cycle.


And I agree I know a lot of people might fudge dates, back-date things etc but I think if I got in and I did something like that, I would feel guilty for having done something dishonest. These things can be tempting to do as its as easy as changing a date but I would encourage you to be honest so that when you get your offer you'll know you 100% deserved it 

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I think you might check with admissions? Because it actually only has the cut off date for non-academic activities and research section, NOT awards. I checked their document they post as I had a similar question for something else... It does not say anything about the June 1 cut off under awards section in their admissions guide document. They also don't ask for a verifier for awards, so I assume that is why you know people listing things under that section as it is kinda a gray area. If it was research or an activity, I would say definitely do not include but this is not specified in their document...

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