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Hi guys. This is my first time applying to UBC, just have a general question on mailing in transcripts.

So I understand that we have to mail the transcripts to the Undergraduate Admissions Office but if you have transcripts from multiple schools do you send the transcripts directly from each school or are you expected to mail them all together? 

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Hi Ipg3!

I am in the same position as you (I did my undergraduate degree at one university and then organic chemistry at a different university). I simply mailed my transcripts separately. I ordered the transcripts from each university and had them sent off to UBC. I even ordered them at different times. They were added to my online application as they were received at UBC (so they were added at different times). I hope that helps :) 



I did the same. I had 4 different university transcripts to send and ordered them all at different times and had them all delivered separately. They just update your account as the transcripts arrive.

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