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Omsas Application Question!

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Hi, I am currently in the middle of my OMSAS application and I seem to encountered a bit of a problem, specifically with the transcript section. It seems that I cannot submit the transcript request and pay the fee WITHOUT submitting the entire application! I am not sure what to do about this since the deadline for OMSAS to receive the initial transcripts is October 1st, 2016 according to this http://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-dates/.


Is there no way that I can start the process to have my transcripts being ordered while continuing to work on my application before the deadline? Someone who has gone through the process please clarify to me this situation and how to approach it. Thanks!

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Hey, found this on the FAQs on OMSAS:


If I submit on the deadline date and order a transcript from an Ontario institution online, will my transcript be considered on time?


Yes, receipt of the online Transcript Request (that forms part of the OMSAS application) by October 1, 2016, satisfies the transcript deadline requirement.




As you long as you submit before the deadline, I think you should be fine. 

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