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Credit Cards All Declined, And Then Time Was Up.

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Hey guys,
I've been working really hard on this application, and I was putting final touches on it until the last 15 mins...
....I tried to pay with my card, and it got declined 3 times. I tried to pay with my partner's card, and it was also declined 3 times.
And, we're sure her card should have worked.

She just sorted out an interac payment, but it was too late. the applications closed.
I take accountability when I mess up, but I don't think this is really my fault. I had 2 working visa cards, and it wouldn't take either one. 

Help? :( 


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That really is unfortunate. Definitely email admissions to see what your next steps can be. One thing I might see them saying is that you left it for the last minute, and they will not be accountable for that. Just try your best to explain your situation, and go from there. Good luck!


absolutely - they generally are not cruel and  respond to reason, but you do have to work fast. Email them and explain things. 

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Thanks! I'm going to do that now. Yeah, I confirmed, all the cards should have worked.... I left 15 mins at the end, and - while not "one day to be safe" reasonable - I don't think that's horribly unreasonable (notably, when I have two different ways to pay that should work, and haven't had credit card issues like that ever). 

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Ok, I messaged them. I was pretty honest about what happened.
I said something along the lines of this -- I'm a mature student with family responsibilities, and I needed the time to 15-20 mins before the submission to check it. Since I had two ways of paying, and since these ways have been working without issue, I figured that this assessment of time was what was needed.
Called the bank, and confirmed that the cards were fine.
And, I noticed the payment was posted (by an interac transfer I didn't think worked) at 12:28. 

I asked them that I hope they'd consider my application anyways, said I hoped that I didn't have 7 payments on my card, and that I hoped they have an okay afternoon dealing with the amount of emails I imagined they were receiving.

:S I hope they'll still look at it!

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The e-mail from adcom says that everything has to be submitted and payment received by noon or your application *may* become ineligible. Fortunately, it's a 2-step process. You presumably submitted the application before noon and then couldn't get the payment through. I would think it'll be ok. I hope so...

Ooh, I read "WOULD" become ineligible. Probably because I was panicking. I hope they decide to let it go through anyways.... I've been waiting 4 years to be ready to apply!

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Yay! They'll accept it. Thank you, kind souls of the internet, for helping me. I was ... experiencing some things..... over here, and now I will nap contently. 


Glad to hear it worked out! It just goes to show that these medical adcoms aren't soulless organizations trying to disqualify applicants however they can.

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