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So I got an MCAT score of 503 (126,128,124,125). I believe I have excellent EC's and my academic score is around 84% (with a very high upward trend).


I'm still in my undergraduate degree. Assuming I only want to go to UBC med, is it worth retaking the MCAT? Next year if I apply again I will get to drop my worst year which boosts my academic percentage to around a 94%.


Either way, do people get in with such a poor MCAT score? Chances for this year?



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I would re-write it.


You have a great CARS score and your low sections is in B/B and P/S - sections which can easily be improved to 128+ with deep content knowledge.


You still meet cutoffs for UBC obviously, but no one really knows how they factor it in post-interview.


To expand options I would re-write, chances are you will keep a CARS score you are happy with and can only improve on the sciences.


Just my two cents

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