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I'm currently at 16 entries for my abs and I really want to push for a few more...what are some examples of what people put down?

I've considered putting down resistance training and cardio as one of my entries, but I'm at road block and can't think of any other potential entries...I want to hear what other people may be putting to give me an idea of what I could put/ what is acceptable. 

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Acceptable is any legitimate endeavour, whether organized or on your own, that makes you a well rounded person and/or demonstrates altruism, CanMEDS competencies, artistic, sports, fitness, musical endeavours, that demonstrates active citizenshiip where you are contributing to your community or have done so.


What others list is not relevant to you nor are the number of activities. You are judged on your own merits and the chips fall where they may. Good luck. 

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You don't need verifiers for activities listed in the "other" section, and it seems like a lot of people put those activities there (hobbies, fitness, interests, etc.). :)


Ooh, I see! And an organized sport (i.e. I played competitive hockey) would be under extracurriculars and require a verifier?

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