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I called today as well (IP applicant) and they said that all interview invites will be sent out by the end of this week. If we do not have an invitation by Friday, then we likely will not be getting one. 


I also asked if any had been sent out today, but the lady on the phone responded by saying "They will be ongoing today and for the next couple of days" so take that as you will. 


I was a confident applicant, but am worried now that I haven't received an invitation yet. 


Good luck to you all (hanging onto hope for us!) 

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I spoke to them this morning and they said within the next week and a half... Doesn't leave much time to prepare. 

I agree, its kind of last minute given the interviews at Nov 5th. We have to get our travel plans set out (for those of us out of province) etc, plus deal with the practice time. 

I'm assuming they will wait until after Oct 12 since this is the last MCAT score release date for those eligible for 2017.

I get the sense that the invites so far, especially last week, were candidates that exceeded the set GPA and MCAT standard for this year, and that invites today and tomorrow are the candidates who might have been on or below this standard, but whose file is being reviewed to select more candidates for interview. I'm probably wrong, but that's my thought track. 

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I know they've told me they had two lists. One includes applicants who meet the GPA and MCAT requirements and the other is those who might not have met their requirements but on other aspects deserve an interview. Not sure what list they're on at this point.

So since they do not consider exceptions for OOP, I should assume that no more OOP invites are going to be sent, right?

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According to what the lady said yesterday, today is the last day. She did say that chances of receiving an interview invite after today would be slim. However... it seems like every time someone calls they say something different! It's painful.


Agreed! Hopefully, someone posts or calls and receives an update soon! :) 

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