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Hi all, 


I know there was a very active WhatsApp group for the DAT last year which was really helpful. I'd like to start one for the upcoming DAT in November. The idea is to have a space where all members could interact (ask questions, explain concepts, and answer multiple MC questions per day as a group). If you are interested, please pm me your cellphone number that you use for WhatsApp and I will add you to the group!


Goodluck to all!

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is there one for the feb DAT? 


I'd like to know too! Maybe we can think about having a skype study group instead? I know the MCAT peeps have one. 

I'm part of an online study group with students in different academic disciplines around the world. They're all hard-working students and watching others study for long hours give me a boost of motivation to also study. It's a good alternative to a public library when they're closed or when I'm too lazy to leave my house or if I need company while I pull an all-nighter  :)

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