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Re-Writing The Mcat - Bad Score; Really Need Tips And Help

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Hey guys, I wrote the MCAT this year, and I got a pretty pathetic score.


I got 122/125/121/124

CARS was 125.


I will have to re-write the MCAT - will most likely do it in August of next year; I have school right now full-course load.

I really need some help with this. I have 1 year; including courses in the fall//winter. For the summer, I will be completely free and can just focus on the MCAT.


What should I do to get from this low score to a solid 128+ on all sections. Please help me, I really want to do well; and my GPA and EC's are pretty decent/good; and I am just struggling on the MCAT. Can anyone give me some comprehensive things I can do.


In terms of the CARS, what are the things that I can do to improve this. I have 1 year so I can do a lot of reading and even practices and etc... What should I focus on?


Thank you so much for the help,

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A couple of tips:


1. Attitude - you have to go in thinking you are going to kill this test, even while you are studying, or taking mock exams. Always give 100% like you want to destroy it and never write it again


2. Content - from the looks of it, it seems like you had bad prep or insignificant amount of time spent on reviewing content. Content should be your number 1 priority. Get through everything by understanding it, not memorizing. With a good knowledge base you should be getting at least 126+ per section.


3. Sleep. Eat. Schedule - have a good schedule prepared, no point studying if you are burnt out all the time


I used a combination of Kaplan/TPR/Khan (however mainly Kaplan) I scored a 510 (128/126/128/128), a few points below my AAMC exam, but nevertheless opened up my dream school and a few others so I was happy.


I probably could have spent a bit more time practicing, i only did a few FLs and didnt do much of Khan (I am currently in my MSc so it was hard to juggle MCAT/MSc/Social life).


All the best, dont let your current score defeat your future effort, you can always improve.

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I agree with the person above. It seems like content was your weakness. Make sure you're understanding underlying concepts but at the same time don't spend too much time on content. You should always be doing practice tests so you learn what strategies work best for you when doing questions and you'll also be able to identify gaps in your knowledge.


Identify your weak areas in terms of knowledge/content and work on those.

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