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Please Identify Which Item From The Abs You Are Describing By Indicating The Activity Name And Number. You Should Connect These Activities To The Appr

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I'm confused about this. Are we supposed to integrate it into the essay where when we mention activity x we say "activity x (ABS item #3, verifier 2) has..."? Or do we add these things at like the start or end as like a title or footer type thing? Can anyone tell me how they formatted theirs and if that is considered correct?

Do these words count towards word count? If so that sucks....

Really stressing because the application is due today.

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My reasoning for putting it as a title is that the whole essay is about this experience, not just one part of it.


Also, the reason why I think it's not part of the word count is because different people will have different lengths for the name of the activity, so it would be unfair in the sense that if you have a longer activity name, you get less words than other applicants. 

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Sure! This is the format I used:


As I reflect on my essays, I just realized that this method doesn't work since OMSAS reorganized our ABS items when we submitted by organizing them into categories.

Already thinking about next time and how I should do it then...

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