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Two Different 1St Semester Physics


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I'm hoping someone here will be able to answer my question, as McGill admissions keep telling me I need 2 semesters of intro physics, and they don't seam to be understand what I keep asking them.

I have taken two different intro physics. Both 1st semester (Physics 1301 [introductory physics]; and Physics 1028a [Physics for Bio Sci]). One was taken in 2012 (2.3 GPA), the other in 2015 (4.0 GPA). They both meet the physics prerequisite eligibility, but I am worried that they will use the 2.3GPA to calculate my sGPA, instead of the 4.0GPA. It seams like I need to leave a note in the notebook, or get confirmation from admissions that this is doable. But I've spoken to admissions three times and each time further clarifying what I am asking, but each time they tell me I need two semesters of intro physics.

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