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Recommended Med Application Consulting Service?


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Hi guys,, 


Has anyone paid to get their med application reviewed? Especially the personal narrative/statements? 

What are some good ones? 


I did for my entire application.  It ended up costing a lot of money but it was worth every penny! I would not be in med school @ mac otherwise and I have met a few other students in my class through our similar bond/connection.  


As to which company? Bottom line is if you want good advice and experience then view it as an investment and don't skimp out.   Review each company's website and speak to them about their services and ask A LOT of questions.  Ask for references, don't just take their word for it and look at their rankings.



MD Consultants (mdconsultants.ca) --> Alexa Ranking: 5,285,336


Advisor Prep (apetest.org) -->  Alexa Ranking: 56,109


Astroff Consultants (astroffconsultants.com) --> Alexa Ranking: 2,154,124


IMG Medical Consultants (imgmedicalconsultants.com) --> Alexa Ranking: unranked


Med Applications (medapplications.com) --> Alexa Ranking: 9,775,588


Medical Admissions Consultants (macadmissions.com) --> Alexa Ranking: Unranked.



There are probably a lot of other companies if you search online.  Bottom line, be careful.  You have to wonder why Canadian admissions consulting companies generally rank so low/or are unranked with the exception of one.   Kaplan and Princeton Review which are billion dollar prep companies are ranked as 11,637 and 15,196 by Alexa for comparative purposes.

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