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Need Advice - Interested In Applying For Ot 2017

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Hello guys,


I'm looking into applying to OT this year to all the schools in Ontario - except for McGill.

My sub and cumulative GPA is a 3.7 (81%) according to the ORPAS GPA chart. I wanted to get your suggestions on whether I should try applying  this year or if I should boost  my GPA. Its just applications are expensive and I've been working day and night trying to save up some money for Grad school, but I thought I'd hear it from you guys, the ones in OT and who have been through this process, on what you think my likelihood of getting into OT is.


I have experience working directly with an OT at a hospital in Ontario whom I was going to use as a reference if I do decide to apply this year. The rest of my work experience is in Mental Health and ABI.


Any thoughts?


Thanks guys

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For OT, 3.7 would be competitive at many universities. I would suggest applying. For UBC though, 3.7 may not be competitive enough. Last year's competitive gpa cutoff for interview at UBC was 3.8 but in Ontario schools and Alberta you definitely have a chance. Even if you don't apply outside of Ontario, you would still have a good chance of admission.

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