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Hey everyone,


Just wondering when you guys think we should expect to hear about interview invites/rejections.


The interview weekend seems to be November 19th/20th this year (2016), whereas last year it was November 21st/22nd I believe.


Invites/Rejections were sent out October 26th last year, so I guess we can expect the date to be October 24th for the 2016-2017 cycle?


Just wondering what everyone else thinks!

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My money is on the week before - as I understand it, there was a delay last year because of unforeseen issues with the new MCAT. They've definitely got a handle on that by now (fingers crossed), and I remember reading somewhere that Dal tries to give applicants as close to a full month as possible to make arrangements for interview accommodations, etc.


Here's hoping for news on the 17th!

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Oh really, that makes more sense. I read about the notices going out a month before, but when I was analyzing last year's invite thread, that didn't seem to hold. But the introduction of the new MCAT delaying things makes a lot more sense now.


Well definitely cannot complain about hearing a bit sooner than I anticipated :D

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