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Yet Another Premed Asking About Their Chances Lol

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Basically Ottawa is my only shot this year... cars screwed me over ... but ive always really wanted to go to Ottawa anyways so I am not too down about it (also in third year so rewriting MCAT )


But I know several people who have gotten into Ottawa in similar situations with me 


Basically I want to know what people think 


wGPA: 3.98


ECs: Teaching Assistant, two Research Assistant positions  first author conference presentations publications in prep (leading systematic reviews), lots of club involvement in uni: Lead events for several different things,  student government, volunteer to advocate for and provide support for certain members of marginalized groups, lots of experience in education  ... a bit worried that my awards section was weak... high school subject awards, top x% in program

CASPer: been prepping and doing practice tests 


What do you think? 

How can I be a stronger applicant next year for Ottawa ??(other than the MCAT) 

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