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I was really stupid for not doing physiology so they can count the 4 recommended courses instead... I got 4.0 in the other 3 recommended courses, but sadly missing physiology. I emailed them and they said they would only use the recommended courses instead of the 7 basic sciences IF you completed all 4 of them. 


So I screwed up one of the first-year physics. My 7 basic science pre-req GPA is 3.95. Is this competitive? I was under the impression that everybody has 4.0 for these basic sciences?? 


I'm going a bit crazy regretting not having taken physiology... I didn't know about this policy of replacing pre-req GPA with the one for recommended courses  :(  :(  :(

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i got a question for you guys concerning section 2. I completed pharmD program last year, and this program is considered a doctorate. The problem is, when I choose doctorate as doctorate type in section 2, i cannot choose it from the dropdown in section 3. My question is: should I enter it twice in section 2 (As bachelor to be able to add it in section 3 and Doctorate), and in that case, I'd have 2 lines for it in section 2.


My second question is concerning the recommended courses. I've done 3 courses, in which i got 2 good grades and 1 avergage. Do you think I can only mention the good ones and forget about the average one, as it's recommended courses and not a must to fill it?



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So of what i understand, i'll have to put it twice in section 2:

first line as a bachelor from 2011-2015

second line doctorate from 2011-2015

NP: it's not a PHD what I did, it's like DMD, MD, OD, PharmD that's y am a bit confused...


Sounds like a PharmD is a professional program. Check the workbook guide. For section 2, it says "Doctorate: professional or thesis-based program leading to a Doctorate degree. Some examples include: PhD, M.D., J.D., O.D,. D.V.M."


They also show you how to input your program into Section 2. You would list it as a doctorate and then check the box at the far right for "Professional Program" ("e.g.: programs that lead to the practice of a profession for which one must be a member of a professional order.").


Does that make sense?

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