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1) It went too fast

2) No time. No time. No time.

3) Spent too much time freaking out that I'm running out of time instead of actually writing down answers.


So, overall, went great!


But seriously, the questions were okay. The vids were interesting but the personal questions were tough and you had to think on your feet. 

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Very limited on time (especially in french!), but managed to have a coherent answer for all of the questions. Went a little off topic for a few, and wished I could have elaborated on more than two perspectives/approaches. Spelling mistakes galore, but spelling and grammar aren't considered ;)


The personal questions threw me off....definitely should have brainstormed more real-life examples beforehand instead of having to invent them on the spot. Questions were standard and very realistic.


I'm just happy and proud I managed to answer the questions coherently and understand that darn Quebecois accent in a language I haven't spoken/properly listened to/reviewed in nearly 5 years.


Bonne chance à tous!!!

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