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Chances At Mac For Nontrad Applicant

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I'm 30 and working as an RN. My goal had been med after undergrad but I didn't get in, got into a specialized program did that and started to work as an RN. life happened and I kept working. I feel pretty much plateaued where I am and not interested in the NP program. I want to reapply to med. I actually did last year but no interviews.

My UG GPA : 3.7 which I know is too low for most schools nowadays. I do not qualify for the weighting formulas that some schools offer. After failing to even interview last year I took 2 more courses at night at my local university. Both 4th year science courses and got A+ in both.

I figure this might show I am capable of getting good grades.

My CARS is 129. I blew the psych section last year (no psych background and limited study hours with 40hr job / life) and I think that's what cost me any considerations at the other schools.


Ideally I would want to go to mac as the PBL part suits my style as a mature student. The 3 year duration also suits me.


Does anyone know how someone in my position will be viewed? I want to clarify that mac would only look at my Cars score since my psych was quite bad. I work crazy hours and am still taking one more night course and don't have the proper time to study for mcat to redo it (don't want to risk a lower cars either). I would probably only apply at mac since that is likely where my only shot is in Ontario.


Any advice?

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I started med @31 and wasn't even in the top 5 for the oldest in class, so don't worry about age.


Calgary, Calgary, Calgary.


I know you Ontario people have this hatred of Alberta but I think you would be remiss not to apply. They are very subjective about scoring.


Everywhere has PBL, it is mandatory part of med ed. 


Wouldn't waste any time taking courses that are not full time (4-5 semester) because it doesn't count towards your GPA calculation at almost every school (maybe Mac is different??). Mo one will ever know you even took the courses the way most schools do their assessments of GPA and anyone can get an A+ in a part time course (yes I know you are working and it should count but that is just not how they look at it). caveat: if you enjoy these courses by all means take them, would never disparage education, just know that they won't affect your GPA.


Apply broadly, you will have access to a LOC if you get in and will be able to live anywhere. 


GL we need more people like you in med.

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Thanks for the feedback! I only took the courses because I spoke with a rep at mac and a rep at Michigan State and both told me that every single UG mark will be considered in GPA. Maybe some Ontario schools are different. The Michigan rep set an appointment and met with me and gave me the best feedback I ever received, stated most USA schools will consider my experience and that gives me a bonus but my biggest downfall is being out of school for so long. Finished UG like 9 years ago. They know that school and work are different and that although I'm likely more mature and focused, it's a gamble for an admission board unless I show recent coursework, since they don't know how I would fare falling back into full time studies. They don't want to admit someone who can't study anymore or becomes overwhelmed and fails out. I listened and understood what they were saying which is why I enrolled in more UG courses.

I will still have a tough time in USA overall since foreigners are held to higher standards. I also don't want to move to USA as I plan to still work the odd nursing shift (even once or twice a month) for money during school

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The US has a very different system than Canada. We are very objective here. Everything is assigned a numerical value and it is all about cut offs. Your GPA is assigned a score, your extracurriculars a score, MCAT a score, CASPER a score, then interviews are determined based on whatever combination of scores they adjust the cut offs for so that they can interview a set number of people. 


Moving to the states is not an option for most people. Getting loans is a totally different ball game, the dollar is low so interest will cripple you, and then coming back is not so straight forward. Getting accepted is much easier but I would implore you to do your homework before I would even interview.



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Mac only looks at your CARS, your chances aren't bad at Mac to be perfectly honest, a 129 and a 3.7+ GPA (assuming your latest courses are counted in it should be over 3.7) will land solidly in the doable zone. No guarantees of course as with anything. You should put all your effort into CASPer. 


Consider Calgary and the states as well, but Mac definitely seems like the ideal school for you in your circumstances. 

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